Date: 31st January 2017 at 10:22am
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A message to Ross McCormack.

Stop being such a silly boy, wake up and smell the roses, get stuck in and if Bruce wants an apology, man up and apologise!

It will be interesting to see if anyone follows up press rumours of interest for Ross McCormack. Bruce has said that he has to apologise to him and the players and if he does, they can all move on.

In the Birmingham Mail Steve Bruce said “I`ve had no phone calls about him so unless that changes in the 24 hours…He could still be here on Wednesday.”

So people not exactly knocking down the door Villa in good faith paid £15million for.

£15million Ross. That`s how much you were rated.

Bruce continued “If he apologises then I`ll look at it and see on merit then. But until he admits his behaviour was unacceptable then the situation will stay the same. He`s still with the 23s, I call it the reserves.”

Maybe he should read this aimed at players a few years back to remind himself the privileged position he is in at Aston Villa: A Simple Message To The Players – Lions Or Mice?

A simple message to you, the players….

You play for Aston Villa… be proud…

You`ve come under some criticism, a lot of it fair, ram the words back down your critics throats instead of letting it beat you down. You`ve had booing from the fans, use it as fuel. Think about it. Do you think those that turn up do it JUST to boo? IF they didn`t care, they`d not be there. They might boo but who is there the very next game? The same loyal fans. I`d rather they didn`t boo, personally I think it is like applauding the opposition but the boos aren`t personal, they are a general comment about the state of our club, the club we love.

We are proud of being the lifeblood of Aston Villa. We have pride in our club and want pride in our team. Show us grit, determination and fight, that is all we ask.

And now for a few clichés….

The man at the top of the mountain didn`t fall there.

See the rest: A Simple Message To The Players – Lions Or Mice?

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