Date: 6th February 2007 at 3:36pm
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Martin O’Neill has thrown down the gauntlet to Juan Pablo Angel as the striker once again found himself falling down the Villa pecking order.

Angel didn’t even make the bench on Saturday against West Ham and he’s suffered similar lows under the previous managers during his very mixed time at Villa.

Martin O’Neill said: ‘I wouldn’t start reading anything fantastic into that. Numerically, this is the strongest squad and the most choice I’ve had in terms of the bench since August. If you looked at the bench about two months ago, and including Christmas, we had 16 players. Now we have a stronger bench and this is the first time Juan has missed out all season.’

‘Juan may well be disappointed – I hope he is – but we’ve got competition for places. Every manager says they want that, but if you’re asking me, then yes, I do really want competition for places. I don’t mind, and I want the squad to be strong because one of the reasons why we started to drop was because we didn’t have the competition for places.’

Our latest poll, suggested by seanking16, asks if Juan Pablo Angel should be sold in the summer?

I’m like many Villa fans, I’ve a soft spot for Angel, he has rarely moaned – trouble is he has also rarely scored! You have to question the service to him over the last few seasons but is that the only reason for such a poor return on goal?


15 Replies to “Should Angel Be Sold In The Summer?”

  • I love that guy. He’s flawed, he is often pathetic in front of goal, but he works hard, is good on the ball, and can probably be of much use to MON in helping train, much like Sheringham at West Ham. Also, really, how much could we get for him? He’s a good option. And he loves this club.

  • He misses too much (including penalties!). Often goes missing in the matches against really big teams. His partnership with DV was majestic and teams sussed him out after his good season & DV was sold (stupidly). Never stops working for the team, I too have a soft spot for him. But if we are to step up to the next level, these players (and a few more of our favourites) will be on thier way in the summer.

  • Agreed Tarzan, if villa are going to progress then we need players that can get into a top 4 team. Unfortunately Angel isn’t one of them.

  • I think that he wants to play regularly, so I do not see his future in our squad. It is up to him to train well and tutor younger players, but his age is not so high to accept this kind of role.

  • I like Juan Pablo, and have enjoyed seeing him wear the claret and blue shirt over the past few seasons, but now surely it is the time for him to seek a new challenge elsewhere. His Villa Park days are numbered, and while in theory I guess he could sit tight until the end of his supposedly lucrative contract, I dont think somehow that he’s that type of player, or indeed person.

  • One good season from JPA for an outlay of 9+ million, a move may well be the making of his future, I cant really see it at the Villa of the future.

  • JPA is such a popular player at vp it would be a shame to see him go. It is sad that you have to move on sometimes, this is one of those times, cant carry people in midfield or anywhere, you need pace in there thats why we paid ott for ash. Let gabby learn off big John, put him back in the center to cover as our second front man, and let JPA go.

  • i do have that soft spot for juan. but i think its time for him to move on. he’ been here for 6-7 years, thats a long time and he hasnt disappointed. itll be sad to see him go, if he was retiring he would have been given a testimonial match, but maybe a move to a different league like spain or back to south america

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