Date: 11th June 2018 at 4:00pm
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We re-tweeted an article by SupChina columnist Mark Dreyer about Tony Xia at the weekend.

The reporter used to work for Sky Sports but now spends his time writing about sport in China. His description of Xia and his summary of the current situation of Villa is very disturbing:

Fans on Twitter were very concerned by the characterisation of the owner in the article:


There are major questions that need to be answered by the current ownership. Dreyer makes clear he was concerned about Xia even before he became owner because he was a complete unknown in business circles.

On top of that, Sky Sports confirmed late last week that the club refused to pay for Playoff final suits as they were not willing to spend £20k. If they couldn’t afford that then, how are they going to pay the £5m that is needed for the payroll and taxes at the end of the month?

There are major concerns where the money will come from, with Sky also reporting that last month’s wage bill was paid by persuading Burnley to pay an early £3.5m instalment on the signing of Ashley Westwood.

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6 Replies to “‘The fit and proper test must be a tough one to pass’ – Villa Fans React To Article On Xia”

  • How much longer have we got to put up with this CLOWN who runs our club. He ain’t got no money and people said this at the start of his reign. Lerner and now this goon have driven me away. Fulham in final was my last game. Had enough of BS. The club is a laughing stock all over the country it’s embarrassing to say the least. It’s become an absolute CIRCUS run by COCO THE CLOWN. And if he forces JACK to leave then it’s all over. And now Wyness Is suing the club. WHAT NEXT ??? ABSOLUTE JOKE OF A CLUB. RUN BY A CLOWN.

  • Don’t think he’s got any money, and as for a fit and proper test, either he didn’t take one or it was a fit up.
    We the fans deserve better either put up or sell up as soon as possible.

  • I was always suspicious of the guy, walking around Villa Park soaking up the adulation from the fans like he was on some kind of ego trip, tweeting all the time like he was a football expert thinking that he knew better than people who had spent their lives in football.
    As he admitted he’s a businessman first, his main aim was to get into the Premiership and make a profit for his companies and like a lot of people from the Far East he was not averse to taking a gamble on football but where is Plan B?
    Answer? There ain’t one, he’ll probably now asset strip the Club to try and make good his losses even if it means the Club going under then he’ll disappear into the sunset never to be seen again, the Bailiffs will move in, can’t pay? They’ll take it away …….

    • This owner reminds me of Nero playing his fiddle while our great football club is
      being destroyed by a two bit gambler. This is the person who is going to break the
      bank of Aston Villa and decide to stay in China because he feels safe. Let me add
      I lived through the nightmare of the 1960’s but this is the first time I have pictured
      an housing estate being built on Villa park. May be just may be it could have been different if that so-called referee had given the correct decisions in the play off final.

  • Some people are still sticking up for him. I can only assume they think tweeting is the only important criteria for an owner!

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