Date: 13th June 2018 at 8:00am
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After a couple of weeks of dour disappointment following Championship Play-Off defeat to Fulham at Wembley, news hasn’t been kind to us Aston Villa fans.

Promotion failure, a Winding Up Order as news of cash flow problems came through and a realisation of how much promotion this season meant to us financially hit home. Learning we’d factored vital transfer fees for a quicker cash influx, the Chief Executive Officer being suspended and launching his own Constructive Dismissal campaign…oh yes pointless tweets and the utter silence whilst we shell out on swanky London office space instead of saving money and using, erm, our own property…

Have I forgot anything? I hope so, I’m not sure any of us can take anymore.

But just as it gets dark, you can always trust a Villan to turn on a light (even if we’re turning them off at Villa Park and Bodymoor Heath under the guise of climate change!).

The reaction to news of the EFL Cup Round 1 draw this week did bring a smile to my face, even if I largely continue calling it the League Cup – cause you know, it involves Welsh sides and they aren’t English even if some rebranding idiot missed that.

The tweet from the club was utterly inconsequential.

Aside from the fact that every time I read Ho Chi Minh I instantly think of Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam, some of the responses did stop me from replaying that soundtrack in my head.

There was the excited.

And then we come to the downright cynical – my kind of people even if some weren’t strictly fans!

And then we have the downright grumpy – and let’s face it we’ve all been there!

Well, it cheered me up!

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