Date: 12th April 2006 at 10:39am
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1) Awful season for Midlands clubs, what has gone wrong at Blues?

Injuries and suspensions have hit them hard.

2) Steve Bruce, is he the man to take Blues forward?

Yes I believe he’s earned the right.

3) Was Gold right or wrong to slate everyone in sight via the press?

We ask people to stop sitting on the fence and tell the truth (that’s what Villa fans have been asking for years from Doug et al). As soon as anyone does we say he/she should have kept quiet???

4) Where did you expect to finish this season and what, realistically, should Blues be able to achieve in the Premiership?

I think with the investment staying in the Division was the only realistic target.

5) Do you think you will survive the dreaded ‘R’ word and who do you think will go down?

Not going to temp fate.

6) I usually ask fans of other clubs what their opinion of Villa is, I think I should neatly side step that question this time though!? What do you think of Ellis, as a Blues fan surely you must be a big fan!?

Doug has many qualities and has done some great things at Villa. However unfortunately whatever message he brings to the table is unacceptable for Villa fans.
For his own health’s sake he needs to accept a different role..stand aside and let someone else take charge. Doug could be the boardroom man dishing out hospitality to visiting directors etc as the President of whatever.

7) What is your opinion on David O’Leary and do you know what sugarbags are!?

I have no idea what sugarbags are!

David O’Leary’s ability as a manager are under scrutiny..he may have legitimate complaints about how he’s been allowed to manage or may not but because no one speaks at Villa its hard to find out. But he is a cold fish that’s for sure its virtually impossible to form a relationship with. And when he starts calling fans fickle and says he will only listen to those who know what they are talking about it is insulting to all of us.

8) I noticed Emile Heskey was being linked to a move away from Blues in the summer, would that worry you?

As you know I don’t deal in speculation

9) Who should Villa fear in the Blues team?

David Dunn is a handful when fit. Pennant can make things happen. Heskey and Sutton are a handful

10) Who do you fear in the Villa team?

I think James Milner makes a big difference to Villa while Kevin Phillips is a natural finisher. The young lad Gabriel Agbonlahor is rapid and confident

11) What do you think the result will be this weekend?

May the best team win.

Thanks Tom, I would wish you luck, but not only would you know that I’m lying I’d also get strung up by my fellow Villa fans!

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  • I’m just glad you put that NB at the end JF. What can I say? he seems to have some very indvidual opinions……

  • One post removed, no need for personal stuff.

    Apart from his opinion on Ellis (which he is more than entitled to) I can’t see where he differs from what many fans are saying?

  • I also think Mr R is a top man for taking the time, he could easily have ignored my email! I agree ‘may the best team win’ and we will! ;-))

  • Nice to see him taking the time out. I always get the impression that he doesnt like DOL too much as when people slate Bruce for the job he is doing he will back his corner with info about injuries etc yet when people slate DOL for the same reasons he is

  • I get the feeling that no one likes DOL much, especially in the media. Takes a lot for a press man to talk about a manager as a ‘cold fish’ although in private most say a great deal more!

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