Date: 22nd April 2007 at 8:08pm
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Aston Villa
0 – 0
David James

Villa Park


Attendance: lost count at 250

Basiljunk said:

This is the first game I’ve been able to watch for months, so I can finally judge for myself where we’re at.

First half:

We played really well to start, passing the ball around quite nicely on the ground, making a few good moves and openings. Gardner should have scored a sitter, but James proved why he really ought to still be England’s #1.

Pompey came back into it and we resorted to the dreaded hoofball that I’ve been reading about on this forum. The rest of the first half was pretty much just a game of tennis. Nothing of note happened apart from Gardner looking like a bit of an amateur, Berger trying to take the skin off the ball whenever he’s remotely near the goal and Petrov sulking every time he misplaces a pass instead of, yknow, running back and trying to get the ball.

We should win this game quite comfortably. 1 or 2-0, but who knows…

I want to see Moore on for Gardner.

Second half:

A game we really, really should have won, but that’s the way the cookie/biscuit/thing crumbles. Portsmouth seemed to have no wish for anything other than a 0-0 and it was up to us to make the breakthrough, which we had at least a few chances to do. Not a bore draw by any means. When we stayed away from the hoofing, we looked good. We need a right back to complete our back four, but those two in the middle, it doesn’t get any better than that.

Player Ratings

Sorensen 7.
Rarely needed. Distribution was poor, but not fatally.

Bardsley 5.
Portsmouth’s lack of a left wing should have egged him forward, sadly, he stood still. Can’t remember him doing anything useful.

Laursen 9.
What merits a 10? Maybe not quite there, but wow. Awesome.

Mellberg 8.
Finally got the partner he deserves. Hard to decide whether it was down to Portsmouth’s lack of ambition, but our DCs never gave them a sniff.

Bouma 6.
Never needed defensively, looked okayish going forward.

Gardner 5.5.
Has potential, but still looks like a boy amongst men at times.

Petrov 6.5.
Played the McCann role far better than McCann ever has, but the jury is still out on whether he’s the man to take us forward.

Barry 8.
Well, he gets an 8 just for showing up, doesn’t he? No? Okay, I’ll give him a 7 then.

Berger 7.
Has lost all of his pace, but still has that touch of class we’ve been missing. Will be a good backup next season, but can’t see him starting too often.

Carew 6.
Looks a menace. Closer to being booked for constant barging that scoring today, but was rarely beaten to the ball. Smaller defenders than Campbell and Primus would struggle. Sadly, today, seemed to be filling the offside void left by Angel’s departure.

Agbonlahor 7.
Has his pace and full of running, but sometimes looks as though he’s unsure where he ought to be running to. If MON can teach him how to play football, could be that 20 a season striker we’ve been crying out for.

Moore 7.5.
I like Luke Moore. Didn’t get on the ball much, but his arrival seemed the spark for a more attacking game.

Young 7.
Some great touches on the wing. £9million? Probably not, but now we’ve got him, we could certainly do worse than play him.
Almost won it with a free-kick, looks promising.

By Basiljunk


18 Replies to “Villa 0-0 David James”

  • I have a horrible feeling that MoN might be regretting taking the job.Gabby looked great today,Maloney looks quality and apart from Barry if Laursen stays fit he could be our best player.

  • chances galore yet again,story of our season. james 5 saves and thats not even counting the shots that were woefully off target! complete domination but AGAIN nothing to show for it.

  • dont really see why martin would be regretting taking job now,why would he,enlighten us pking?randys millions in summer to spend on making it his team and making us a hell of alot better than we are for next year surely has to be the main reason why he isnt! martin does not strike me as a quitter and he will see job through mark my words or else why would he have taken job in first place. is there any optimism at all,dont see the reasoning behind being so negative all the time.

  • I can’t remember a game so lacking in atmosphere. Is it up to the fans to lift the team, or the team to lift the fans? Nobody did much to ‘lift’ anybody yesterday.

  • Is it just me or did Barry have a ropey game yesterday? Why are our fans so one eyed over certain players? We need a full back for sure, but look at the improvement in Bouma over the last six months. Bellamy or Defoe would definitely improve us up front, a big brutal centre back and decent midfielder will be top of Martin’s list also. We would have lost this game last year – that’s for sure. Form and the league table doesn’t lie at this stage of the season and their defence has been very good. It’s hard to accept, but this game was pretty meaningless and Portsmouth set thier stall out for a point and got it.

  • I still think the big picture is more important than the result. We are now on more points than we finished last season. As a squad we are looking stronger. Off the park everything is going fantastically well. It has been almost a generation since we were a club on the up. I am really looking forward to the Sheffield game. I think it really sums up the current marketing slogan, “proud history, bright future”. It will be an opportunity to celebrate and remember the greatest night in the clubs history and also to reflect on a season of development.

  • Have to agree about Laursen he was very dominant in the air but he doesn’t look comfortable with the ball at his feet but this will come with more games..!

  • I hope we will not be reading the same posts next season, bottom line is Villa still need a Striker who knows where the back of the net actually is.

  • If it wasn’t for James’ lapses of concentration he would have been Englands No 1 for a number of years now.

  • a poor attendance 31000, I mean seriously come on. I know easter has taken its toll on us all ££££££ wise, and it was on TV, and it was a crap KO time but seriously if another 10000 had turned up yesterday we could have given the team the support they need and play the 12th man. VP has to be a fortress, and a hostile one if we are gonna breakdown boring teams playing for a point !!!

    shame on you all for staying away, and shame on anyone who did that is on here criticising.

    We played well, and if that is the sign of the future then superb, its a far cry from the crap DOL had us playing. A 10th place finish and I am a happy man ready to kick on for next season.

  • Went yesterday, with the family, the atmosphere was like watching a cricket match on a nice sunday afternoon. Now I cannot be critical as a man who only ventures round M25 M1 and M6 a couple of times a season, I tend to see Villa away more than at home.

    Agree with tarzan i didn’t think Barry had a great game yesterday and thought Petrov, was excellent, great energy and filled the role he was supoosed to be playing extremely well. Laursen and Mellberg good combination although not tested under pressure, Young made an impact and Bardsley is not the answer. Had a great day, looked around other aspects of the club, and enjoyed my Balti Pie, got back to Bromley 9.20pm (Bloody M1)

  • Agree with fatloser in that Petrov was superb, and that Ashley Young looked very lively when he made his belated appearance. Not a bad performance, but EvertonMike is quite right when he says that is was down to us to break Pompey down. They came for a point, hoping to sneak three, and credit to them for job done.

  • All positives from me, we need to take a step back at times. I like the way Randy and MON will only reward the players (very well) who are contributing. Tough decisions will be made in the summer, but it’s nice that we have a bit more power over the players now. The greedy ones will leave. They’ll be no more Boateng, Southgate scenarios

  • 2 big concerns in my opinion,there was competition for places all over the pitch with the players not even in the 16 yet they still looked a tad un-motivated to REALLY go and win(we`re at home !!) and once again set-pieces are bordering on amateur,what the hell do they do in training??? Same old pants.

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