Date: 6th March 2006 at 6:50pm
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I had asked the other day how you go about predicting Villa these days because you never know what is coming next!

Listman member Neil Williams, with kind permission to replicate his post here, said:

Easy to predict for next season.

Season ticket prices go up.

More of the same down the bottom regions of the table despite repeated sayings of ‘we’re going for the champions league this year’.

No takeover – just more bulls**t to keep us interested zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Smaller squad as:-
Delaney sold in the summer (Blackburn?)
Samuel sold in the summer (Charlton?)
No money for Milner – returns to Newcastle
Berger remains injured for 95% of the season
Another has been injury prone player signs on.
Laursens career finishes as his knee gives way again.
Berson sold for peanuts.
Djemba Djemba rots in the reserves and applies for the chief car-parking job.

‘Small squad, honest bunch of lads, fans expect to much’ spiel continues.

Get knocked out the FA Cup to Dover Athletic – ‘how can we compete with the squad and resources they have’ whines O’Dreary.

Gavin McCann gets a 43 year contract. ‘its fantastic to get him on such a long contract’ drones O’Dreary whilst awarding every player he’s signed (and played regularly) a 25 year contract.

We keep turning up watching s**te football week in week out.

By Neil Williams
2 /12 years of failure and excuses
O’Leary Out


8 Replies to “Villa Easy To Predict Next Season”

  • You forgot to predict the finsihing position. This season 13th say, next season a bit of a flirt with relegation for most of the season and finishing 16th. Also crowds down to below 30,000 average.

    Villa are the Coventry of the 90’s!

  • why would hey finish as high as 13th, they are getting worse and worse, i’d have them as a good bet for relegation my self

  • We aren’t safe, but we aren’t far off. Just a few more points will do us. Awful season, but luckily there are worse teams below us. With Sunderland down, Pompey as good as sunk, it should be between Baggies and Blues, can’t see Boro free-falling someho

  • Agree with The Fear. Keep flirting with it, and one season pretty soon it’ll snare us.

  • Is anybody listening? Certainly nobody’s acting. Ellis isn’t incompetent or senile, he believes he “is” Aston Villa and by taking us back where he found us, he mistakenly believes we will then recognise his worth. Never, ever under estimate this mans ego

  • None of it is good enough, but it’s Villa and we put up with it. Personally I’m just waiting for the box to be carried in so I can enjoy supporting my beloved Aston Villa again.

  • Jon you’re right – one season at this pace = relegation. We need to make changes, if sorenson had a shocker like in previous seasons we could of been straing relegation in the face!

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