Date: 8th July 2018 at 7:00am
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Football seems to be more afflicted than any other sport with lazy journalism. Some of the blogs and online news outlets demonstrate no research or writers with very low IQs – or both.

The well-aired figure Daniel Levy is prepared to pay Villa for Grealish and the figure the club wants are just values plucked out of the air. No public negotiation has occurred, even if I dare say we will likely be disappointed with his final sale price. It will be very unlikely we can solve our Financial Fair Play challenge from his departure alone, but some of the press are inferring this.

The other confusion shown by many has been the problems with our cash flow and FFP. These are two separate issues, but some think a big bucket of cash from a minority investor will sort out the latter. It will not.

Only the sale from a handful of the squad will make decent inroads into our FFP woes. Clearly, the sale of Pierluigi Gollini and Carles Gil have to be factored in and I understand the revenue from Jordan Veretout and Jordan Amavi received in the current year will help. All told though, I think probably three bigger sales will have go through. The suggested Tommy Elphick or Birkir Bjarnason transfers would help but are not likely to make a big positive impact in themselves (I still hope we keep the latter at least).

Although Steve Bruce probably sees his current job as potentially his last one with a bigger club, I do wonder how he will react if he loses, say, James Chester, Jack Grealish and Jonathan Kodjia? He may get the odd free deal or loan agreed, should enough income be secured through sales, but the likes of the acquisition of David McGoldrick will hardly act as an adequate backfill. Will the manager start to get twitchy?

Despite having genuine reservations in regard to the Tyke, any more leadership change would be detrimental at this stage.

Writer: Tony J.

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10 Replies to “Villa Fan Reminds People There’s A Difference Between Cash Flow & FFP As Journalists Salivate At Extra Content”

  • You might infer but the press are implying it. Get your words right especially when you’re slagging off other writers at the start of your article.

    • Tony isn’t a trained writer and doesn’t do this for a job, he’s a site member giving his views.

  • My understanding was if we had new owners then they would be able to propose a new FFP plan as the mess was not of their making. Clearly this would not be the case with a minority share sale simply for funds.

  • The crux of the matter is all these so called Harvard,uni business people haven’t got a clue
    Either the system corrupt or the people or both. AVFC is floundering on the rocks because it’s all greed.
    No one has put the soul of this great club first,inluding the gutter press. The money men will cry out
    when it comes crashing down around them. Theyve forgot where Avfc came from its working class poor.

  • Who is feeding the press the core stories? An offer of £1? If true this would be a confidential offer. I’m not sure its just the press who are living in the gutter.

  • Whilst pushing for promotion, there may be reasons why villa held on to players.

    But the management of McCormack and Richards is nothing more then problems not fixed within the club.

    I don’t know their contracts but God help any team that spends nearly 20m plus wages, to accept zero return from them.
    They both maybe great blokes, but their profession states “footballers”. Next we will pay 50k a week for stewards???

  • Interesting comments about the press. I believe the Birmingham Hate Mail and it’s sister paper, the Mirror’ constant negative rumours have done more to undermine confidence at VP than any other press. All in the name of increased circulation at a time of moral panic.

  • My apologies for causing distress with use of a couple of inappropriate words in my response to an earlier article.

    However, on a more important note, given the state of the club’s finances, it was interesting to learn today that it is likely Kodjia and Chester will join Grealish and pass through the exit door. Bruce has also admitted that he has had to ponder his own position, given the prospect of losing all three key men. As it happens, he has concluded that he should stay with the club (mind you, he is now in a position of relative strength).

    The manager has also referred to the specific issue of FFP, as a distinct problem. He has added any further cash injection to address the balance sheet and future cashflow problems is a separate issue for another day.

    So, all points considered, I didn’t get everything wrong with my analysis, eh?

    • Absolutely not Tony…and following Bruce’s interview I imagine things will get worse before they get better!

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