Date: 7th July 2018 at 7:27pm
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Dr Tony Xia’s statement on Friday evening when most were winding down from a busy week at work certainly set tongues wagging on Aston Villa’s social media pages.

With his ‘explanation’ of the current state of play at Aston Villa – I’ll leave my thoughts for a separate piece – he certainly covered a few topics as he attempted to quell concerns and speculation but I’m tempted to think that spectacularly backfired given the guff headlines I’m seeing from the usual outlets now.

For some, the statement certainly worked though they are calmer and happier and Xia sees some trust and faith returned for them. Better, his statement has managed to re-engage some other debates like the future of Steve Bruce for example and we have fans from all walks of life picking and choosing what they like/hate/conveniently forget to suit their own perspectives on our gaffer.

That took a fair portion of its own on the social media reactions although I’m still clueless why that took precedence for some fans given the enormity of what was said and more importantly wasn’t said – but, each to their own.

As a fan of Scott Hogan and knowing we don’t use him to his strengths, I have to say anyone who thinks he’s our best target man and Grabban is a better winger needs to boil their head though.

To his statement…

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4 Replies to “What Did Villa Fans Make Of Dr Tony Xia Statement – Maybe O’Dreary Was Right After All”

  • So Dr Tony where is the apology for wasting all the parachute money and deploying an unsustainable business strategy, e.g.creating and presiding over what looks like an insolvent business. Be under no illusion this guy has completely stuffed the club, doesn’t have the funds he said he had and the club is up for sale.

  • Please Xia sell our club this is nothing short of a disaster. The thought of Daniel Levy trying to get Grealish
    half price is really depressing why say he’s worth £30m the settle for half? Xia and Hidi Ho will be no match to take on Levy. We will sell Grealish and Chester just to sort out the FFP and debts then we will be running faster just to stand still.

  • It’s not a good situation but I’m now of the opinion that we sell whoever we have to to comply with ffp and start again. A sale of the club will take too long to go through and won’t change anything for next season. At least once we have sold the players we know where we are. Even if we lose chester, grealish and kodja for example, there is still a decent squad there. Granted We will need some CHs but the rest of the squad isn’t too bad. Take a match day squad of

    Huth if rumours are to be believed
    Albert A

    O hare
    Hepburn murphy


    There is still plenty for Bruce to work for.

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