Date: 3rd May 2019 at 12:00pm
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In Wednesday evening’s End of Season Awards celebration at Aston Villa, few can argue against the big winner on the night being midfielder John McGinn.

The 24-year-old former Hibernian player has proven to be one of the buys of the season (in football full stop!) given he only cost former manager Steve Bruce a paltry £2.75million and irrespective of everything else that went on professionally and personally, with Brucie, targetting McGinn should be something all fans thank him for.

With 41 appearances to his name in the campaign of 2018/19 across all competitions (1 substitute showing), our Samsung battery has been on fire with six goals and nine assists in the second tier campaign and he’s already a massive fan favourite for his energy and attitude.

Having lifted both the Players’ and Supporters’ Player of the Year gongs for the season, the reaction from fans has been extremely positive and although an argument can be made that others have outshone him in the second half of the season since we found our form, looking at the year as a whole, he is absolutely the right pick for the awards based on his overall consistency.

So much so, that given the effort he puts into games, fans who don’t watch the matches and only read the internet could well believe the following comment from Forum Member DeanoVilla was a true reflection on awards night.

“I just heard John McGinn ran to the ceremony, picked up his first award, ran home to place it on the mantelpiece, ran back to the awards, picked up his 2nd award, ran home to put that one in his display cabinet, ran back to the awards, worked behind the bar, cleaned up, closed up then ran to the gym to use the treadmill for an hour.”

We’ve all seen the memes and the heatmaps and all the rest of the stuff about McGinn’s engine, and it is a testament to his efforts, as well as how roundly liked he is by fans, that a Forum Thread like this could exist.

The Fear:

“He’s being considered as the Premiership Player of the season despite playing in the Championship.

“He’ll definitely be the first man to land on Mars. Ans: pretty sure he’s already done it, and run all round and came back…on the same day.

“I’m told the latest is John McGinn is so good, he’s being sent to Europe to sort out Brexit.”


“The sun sets when John McGinn tells it to, not a second before.”


“He left his house to go for a quick jog this morning. He’s just posted a selfie of himself in front of the Sydney Opera House.

“Video evidence has shown that Patrick Bamford did not try to deceive match officials by feigning injury. Turns out John McGinn broke wind in his general direction which knocked the poor fella off his feet.”

Claret & Blue Blood:

“Dean Smith told John McGinn that he was responsible for the walls at free kicks. When he asked Dean how he wanted the walls built, he was told “just make them how you want”. He promptly went off and built Hadrians Wall, the Wailing Wall and the Great Wall of China.”


“John McGinn is so good, he has played the entire season with two broken legs. Imagine what he will do when fully fit.”


“I’ve heard McGinn can win a game of Connect 4 in 3 moves.

“Contrary to popular belief, the Titanic didn’t hit an iceberg. The ship was off course and accidentally ran into John McGinn while he was doing the backstroke across the Atlantic.”


“John McGinn completed the London Marathon in record time this morning before jogging north to Elland Road to take on Leeds this lunchtime.”


“MGM have just announced a remake of the western classic, The Magnificent Seven. John McGinn will play the lead…and all the other six.”

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