Date: 31st March 2006 at 2:46pm
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I liked this story sent to me by Merlin so much I asked permission to print it! Just touched the right nerve for me, this is what football is all about. Well, ok in an ideal world it should be about winning something and all that, but as a Villa fan, you take what you are given AND say thank you!

Merlin explained:

Villa may not have won anything of consequence this season but my daughter thinks you deserve an accolade. Out of all the Premiership grounds she rates Villa Park as the best away ground in the country. She considers it better than Old Trafford, better then Anfield, better than St James Park and better than Highbury.

Now you may be wondering why. Could it be the atmosphere, could it be the sparkling wit of the home supporters or could it be something else? Well actually it is something else. Now it’s not the meat pies because she’s a fussy eater and because of her age it certainly isn’t the beer. You can also discount the Coca Cola, Pepsi or Tango or good selection of crisps, sweets and odd shaped knick knacks.

As for the programme, well she says its okay and she’ll suggest the view compares favourably with many others. Indeed, once entry has been gained to the ground she suggests it goes downhill from that moment. Now if you’re suitably puzzled I suggest you read on.

See it’s not actually Villa Park that she like so much, she reckons nothing is as grand as Stamford Bridge. However, when you ask her about that children’s playground in the park that adjoins the ground her eyes light up.

When pressed she’ll simply ask ‘Why hasn’t anybody else got one?’ and at a recent Fans Forum she literally begged me to ask Peter Kenyon if Roman Abramovich could build one outside Stamford Bridge. Oh! for the innocence of childhood!

By Vital Chelsea site editor Merlin


8 Replies to “Villa Win an Award!”

  • I think a lot of Villa fans would agree this year that the moment you gain entry to the ground its downhill from there!

  • Must admit, I enjoy everything about Villa right up to the whistle (that is the kick off whistle not the final whistle!)

  • First time I ventured around the back of your new main stand I thought I’d gone through the tunnel in the Monaco GP! Normally I only have reason to go from the Yew Tree to the away supporters entrance.

  • We are so kid friendly its untrue, we really do deserve an award. We even have a clown on matchdays… his name is David O’Leary. 🙁

  • A few beers before you jump on the roundabout in the playground, sends your head in a spin, and sets you up nicely for the 90 minutes of entertainment you’re about to witness. Always said, you cant watch our lot sober.

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