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Matt Herbert is next for the Vital Villa interview.

Matt Herbert is next for the Vital Villa interview.

1) When did you become a Villa fan and why?

Well, I’m not sure there was much choice in the matter, both my parents, my aunties, my uncles, my grandparents, all support the Villa. So, from as early as I remember, I was covered in claret and blue. I remember saying to my grandad during an England international ‘that John Barnes is a good player’, his response ‘no he’s not, he plays for Liverpool’.

2) Paul Lambert? Your opinion please?

Excellent appointment, he plays the right way, he doesn’t stand for any rubbish and his teams always have a go, no matter who the opposition is. It’ll be nice to sing a managers name without swearing after it for the first time in two years! I think I read a Norwich fans interview, and he said that they always believed they could win every game, which is certainly something our lot are lacking. Be nice to go into games with Man U, Liverpool, Spurs without conceding the game before we start! Oh, and I have a feeling we may be able to score and defend from corners, which is always a bonus.

3) Best and worst moments of last season?

Worst would have to be the moment on Sky sports news when Randy was walking down the street in london on his way to meet Alex Mcleish, I felt so helpless, shouting at the tv. First time in my life that I wished I was in London. Later that day the deal was done, it was done so fast, nothing could’ve stopped it. Sad day in the history of our club, and it was literally all downhill from there. And as that isn’t officially part of the season, i’ll say the Bolton game too, i’ve never seen the entire stadium turn so quickly, 1 minute i’m helping someone up that fell down two rows while we were celebrating like mad in the upper Holte, the next, we’re 2 – 1 down and that was Mcleish done, more or less. Oh well, every cloud!

Hmmm, best moment would have to be Weimann’s last second winner against Fulham, a goal that didn’t show its true value until the very last day.

4) Your opinion of Randy Lerner and the board, can a decent season next season make up for last season?

Yes! When he came, he was the saviour, I can remember his first game, we were singing ‘Randy, get your chequebook out’. He then gave Martin O’neill everything he asked for, too much it seemed, he emptied his wallet, for what? Habib Beye, Wayne Routledge, Fabian Delph… Lots of money spent for fees and wages and probably got a handful of games between them! Also, he admitted he was wrong in the swift sacking of Mcleish. We were all wondering how he’d handle it, worrying because every interview Alex did seemed to involve the words ‘next season’, which terrified me! But he pulled the plaster off quickly and replaced him with the right man, one that the majority of people asked for, so he’s back in the good books for me and once he’s given Paul Lambert some money to spend, hopefully that’s where he’ll stay!

5) Which player/s should Villa sign this summer?

It seems an increasingly popular view from all media outlets that we’ll go after Holt, good player, seems like a lot of money for a 31 year old though. I like Defoe, wasted on the bench as spurs, would kill for Milner back, again wasted on the bench. Kranjcar as well would be good. Also, there’s some decent free agents out there too, so we haven’t gotta spend silly money for everyone.

6) Which player/s should Villa get rid of this summer?

There’s no doubt that we need an entire new defence, Alan Hutton was a liability all year, Warnock was a liability for most of the year, Dunne and Collins good at times, bad at times! Mcleish is a defensive manager? Well he can’t be, because we didn’t defend once all year lol! Midfield looks a bit lightweight and flimsy for me, its hard looking at England right now, know full well that its basically our old midfield and they’ve all left!

7) Favourite current player?

Really a fan of Chris Herd to be fair, he’s no nonsense, almost old school type of player, and when he has a good day he can be immense. Either him or Stan, he’s Villa thru and thru, you could see how much it meant to him during every game. Obviously wish him all the best, and I think we should carry on the 19th minute next season too.

8) Favourite all time player/s?

David Platt, met him a few times at the training ground, back when you could stand on the grass and watch, he stayed behind after training with Graham Taylor to practice volleys and headers and he missed a high one and the ball landed at my feet, so i sent in a beautiful Beckham esque cross (I was 9, I basically just hoofed it) and he smashed it in on the volley. He was awesome on his day!

9) What do you expect us to do/finish this season assuming a decent transfer window with £25m or so spent?

League: 12th ish, progress will be steady I think, will take a few years to get back up to Europe places.
FA cup: 5th round, knocked out by Man U as always.
League cup: lets get our cup back! Why not!!!

10) You can ask yourself any question you want to about Villa and what is your answer?

What’s the one thing you would change at Villa Park?!

The North Stand is looking a bit shoddy at the minute, and the press are always reporting from that side of the stadium! We’ve got a wonderful new stand, all shiny and modern, and they always stand infront of the horrible crappy bit. Oh and bring our screen back while your at it please!

11) Just to change the theme slightly, a snap shot of you outside of football, answer or ignore at your leisure:
(based on our WHO ARE YOU thread!!!)

a) Which celebrity/s would you most like to meet and why? Karl Pilkington from an idiot abroad, he’s just got the most amazing outlook on everything!

b) Age 29

c) Location: Stratford Upon Avon

d) Favourite alcoholic drink: Sakara, Egyptian Lager

e) Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Anything wet.

f) Favourite Film/s: Donnie Brasco.

g) Favourite TV Show/s: Anything that doesn’t involve the names Peggy Mitchell or Hairy Hands Cowell.

h) Music?: Anything that doesn’t involve the name Cowell.

i) Best ever moment in your life: 27th March 1994 first time at Wembley or Getting to the Olympic trials in swimming.

j) Ambitions: To finish my degree.

k) Wise words: Do it to the man, as he would do it to you, but do it first.

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