Date: 23rd June 2009 at 2:33pm
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Reading paper reports today, we are linked with Kyle Naughton who they say is a great young talent who should go on to become a future international footballer under the right tutor and he is developed the right way.

Now don’t get me wrong, it is great that Villa are linked with a good young player but does anyone else want to have this summer that ‘big signing’????

I really do but I cant see it coming.

I am struggling to see Martin O’Neill signing a player of real top quality, I mean a big player, convincing them of our ambition and that we want champions league football, getting the player to take a gamble and play for us for a year maybe 2, if it don’t work out with the guarantee they can move on if we are unsuccessful in our pursuit for a minimum fee. I would be very surprised if he managed to pull off a major signing.

I am not saying I know who he will sign but everyone knows he is questionable in the market and we have already had Barry leave because citeh were ‘moving in the right direction’, what does that say about Villa? Would a player sign for a team who gave up on the UEFA Cup and to a certain extent the league?

Another big question, who is going to set up to the plate next year for us? Young had a mid season blip and Gabby etc…. probably from burnout (but we still let him go the euro U21’s???) maybe Milner, MON had previously said (if I am correct someone mentioned it before on this site) he wanted to build a team around Milner, will this start this season? Maybe moving him into the middle next to Petrov / Sidwell.

All I am saying is can anyone see my point of view? I know people will disagree and they are entitled to do that, I am not saying that the players we will sign are going to be mediocre as well, Naughton has promise and Owen linked (again). But what I am saying is that personally and I am sure most people agree we would like to see international players at Villa Park…. not nearly internationals.



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  • Also in 40 something transfers since Celtic, MON has only signed 5 players that weren’t playing in a British league so don’t hold your breath on a player from a foreign league signing soon.

  • If Chelsea were in for him, there was only one winner. The top 4 control they market and the rest follow.

  • Martin O’Neill seems curiously low key this window. Pretty soon though he’ll be “stealing everbodys top stars by throwing money around” — probably on July 1.

  • Tarzan, sorry but have to dissagree with that comment. Surely he’s got more chance of playing regular football with us and he’s a birmingham lad. Very strange decision if you ask me…..bl00dy youth of today!! ;0)

  • 3 players down, none in and we have the smallest squad in the prem….MON better get his arse in gear!!

  • Good article, we do need a couple of wow factor signings coupled with more younger promising players, however football has changed in as much as the top 4 are so dominate they can get whoever they want, or a Man City billionaire. The thing is those teams have more money than Randy so can get the better players.

  • dont let the door hit you on the way out mon, how about we sell the entire squad shall we, ive lost it with the bloke.

  • think your squad’s smaller than ours over at Fulham? roy’s got some work cut out for him, with european competition this year…

  • I think M O N and randy lerner have raised the expectations at the Villa and it is no suprise we are looking to see a few big names coming in ..something we wouldnt have thought 3 or for seasons ago under doug ..I also believe we are in a much better postion to have a chance of signing a big name or two…we must be realistic though as Martin did try for defoe,boswinger and many other proven top players i hope we do get a top name but the most important thing is to make the team and squad stronger …i get the feeling with Martin we may end up with a few names we dont know much about that turn out to be excellent for the club ..hope i am right

  • We’ve done a fair amount of business with Man Citeh over the past few weeks, possibly enough to secure the services of Daniel Sturridge? Nothing concrete seems to be reported about Sturridge joining Chelsea with only the Daily Mail reporting that he is about to sign for Chelsea. Although Sturridge is a free agent come the 30th, he is still contracted to citeh for now, so we may have grounds for negotiation. In terms of signing players of International quality, I think a balance needs to be struck. If Platini gets his way, 6+5 will be with us come 2012. As a result of 6+5, over the coming years you will see English players been sold at even more inflated prices. So signing talented youngsters from these shores and paying vast sums of wages for young players could turn out to be more fruitful in the long term.

  • “Martin O’Neill seems curiously low key this window. Pretty soon though he’ll be “stealing everbodys top stars by throwing money around” — probably on July 1.”


    More like April 1

  • Who’s to say we cant produce players of international quality. Barry and Young seem to have cemented their places in the national setup, Milner and Gabby knocking on the door, and their have been call ups for Luke Young and Davies. These guys are only going to improve, and although they wont turn into world beaters or world class players, you could argue that they’d be international quality once they become England regulars. Carew and Petrov are or international class, and when times were worse and we were quite unfashionable, we attracted the like of Milan Baros to B6 – and I imagine at the time there would have been a number of suitors interested in him. For me it’s up to the club, the manager, owner and whom ever negotiates transfers, to make the club an attractive proposition – sell the club, the training ground, pay the wages and show the ambition.

  • thanks to everyone who replied, great to see so many comments about it which is great. I just want to be able to have that feeling about signing a top player, when people are rumoured to be at the club negiotiating without us knowing. The one I would really like to see is Owen, I know hes injury prone but still could do a job when he has confidence but we need to show the ambition, bazzah totally agree with you. fingers crossed!!!!

  • So tell me everyone, what do you think of Benitez signing Glen Johnson for 17.5 million? Is it just me or is that vastly over the top – especially considering what he wouldn’t/couldn’t pay for Barry last summer (before the crunch). That seems to me to be the sort of deal maybe people want MON to go in for, but do you not think the deals he has done (Carew, Young, Milner, Young, etc) make a damn sight more sense than that?

  • Hang everybody lets give Mon chance, if things are like this at the start of the season fine have ago but till then wait and be patient, im frustrated 2, personally i think the majority of players should be signed before pre season, but lets give the bloke a chance UP THE VILLA

  • Ideally, but i think we must give Mon the benefit of the doubt at this stage, the time to judge him i feel would be the end of this season coming, i have faith but its goind slightly. UP THE VILLA

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