Date: 11th August 2018 at 7:17pm
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Following a difficult summer for Aston Villa fans as we seemingly edged closer to potential administration as former sole owner Dr Tony Xia appeared to gamble everything on promotion as his own cash flow dried up, recent weeks have been full of positivity.

Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens completed their majority takeover of the club, we even saw some incoming players and with an opening day victory over Hull City, that just got a little bit better earlier today as we made it back to back wins over Wigan Athletic for the first time since 1999.

Goals from James Chester and Birkir Bjarnason, as well as an own goal, turned the day around for us and we now go for three wins on the spin at the start of a season for the first time since the 1962/63 campaign.

With plenty of reasons to celebrate today, some fans in our usually forgiving bunch found one reason to complain though.

It’s fair to say it didn’t go over well.

Time may be a great healer – clearly not enough time has passed just yet!


11 Replies to “You Only Tweet When We’re Winning – Some Villa Fans Unimpressed With This Man After Win”

  • Be glad when he is totally gone. He’s a chancer, he led us down the garden path (albeit not me!) tried to get us up to flip us or put us on a stock exchange for profit.


    He was even letting the academy drop down from Grade 1. He was clueless. But a few tweets and some thought him a legend.

  • Current owners will buy him out very soon. I like him cause chain of events led us to this beautiful new ownership. All well. He should become a poker player.

  • For once, Mr Fear, tend to disagree. Yes he made mistakes and those mistakes could have led us to disaster, but I do believe that he was genuine in his wish to do the best for Villa. His ambition probably exceeded his financial capacity but he does consider himself a Villa fan.
    If he was not ( and now he is no longer in control ) why bother tweeting anyway ?

    • Fan or not his knowledge, or lack thereof betrayed him. Whether that’s about the game, Villa, the Chinese regulations or what running a club costs. Even allowing for the Chinese change, he piled pressure on and instructed us to operate to the wire for kudos and promotion. Time got tough, he hid. Times look better, he tweets again – I simply cannot believe with all the available information that his continued involvement isn’t face saving only from his perspective and hoped for reflected glory. Fans praise him for finding our new owners, they found him owing to our situation for their own reasons. He had no choice but to sell and deal – we have no qualification on previous bids (and let’s not forget this takeover was tagged Middle East in the press despite Sawiris being London based and Edens being an American) so hardly reliable to begin with.

      With money clearly being tight, why the expenditure over in Sweden from memory looking at a sister club if it wasn’t just deflection and happy PR? I can pick out more, I make no statement about him as a man but if fans laud him over others, more fool them. Fans have a better grip on football than he has – as epitomised I believe by your own conversations with the man DJ.

      He was looking for quick fixes without realising the time he spent on those were simply unworkable, more dangerous down the line that taking the personal hit in the now, or simply impossible given the rules of the game.

      I do admire your efforts though chap – don’t get me wrong on that front! You should be applauded 100%.

      As for your final comment, why tweet – he probably thought he’d see a string of ‘love you Xia’ comments again. Simple as that.

  • It’s middle East money. He probs got dual nationality. Mike. Dr x nearly took us down. The guy is a complete low life. But the chain of events has been very interesting to say the least. This new football world is very dangerous. Owners making clubs unsistainable by dreaming of top 4 premier league. We nearly went bust, let’s not forget that huge fact. I no longer want to see money wasted and I am way more grateful now and less expectant. Dr x not getting promoted was the best thing that could have happened to villa. We are in good hands at last.

    • I agree promotion not covering things up was probably for the best, but I’m reserving right on new owners – it’s too early but they have made the right noises and taken the right decisions so far. Let’s see where it goes. But sorry, you can’t call it a Middle East takeover – although I agree that’s a media quibble of mine and not really relevant.

  • Some fans take far too much notice of Twitter. So a part owner is pleased with his team winning and tweets his joy, wow, major crime. I cant help feeling that because of the terrible ownership from Ellis, Lerner, and Xia some fans are so full of hate and vitriol they cant even let a simple tweet pass without getting all beside themselves. Lets enjoy the fantastic start to the season we have made, and bask in the glory that is Aston Villa FC.

    • Don’t put Ellis next to Lerner and x. Ellis left the club in a sustainable manner. In hindsight he was an ok owner.

      • A growing debt was sustainable Ali – some of us know the numbers despite the nostalgia. We all know you don’t like Lerner but you can’t rewrite history to suit yourself. We’re better shot of all three.

        Lerner was different from both, he lost money as we chased the dream. Xia was different from Ellis, he put money in at least but matched Ellis as wanting to be Mr Aston Villa. I’m loving the fact our new owners are silent.

    • Or it builds on the belief he was only in it for himself and self-adulation and the thoughts had we lost both games we wouldn’t have heard a peep from him again.

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