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39 Points From 34 Games – It Isn’t If, It Is When, For This Aston Villa Fan

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I am in two minds, or even three or four minds (!) over the current situation with Dean Smith, a man who we have a lot to thank for I think, and the current form of the team.

Eltoro, a Vital Villa regular, on the other hand, is of one mind, that it is time for Dean Smith to be moved on.

He said in the Smith forum thread:

So yesterday I asked a question and never got an answer, apart from a barrage of ‘If he goes who replaces him’ requests.

So I’ll try again, the slide that we’ve been witnessing, which as been ongoing since January seems to be unabated if I’m honest.

It’s all ready been mentioned that we’ve only amassed 39 points from 34 games, but it’s this season that’s the most telling for me, 10 points from 30, 6 defeats from 10, and in those 10 games only Chelsea are of the quality that you’d think we’d struggle against, shipping 2 goals a game on average, and 50% of those games have been defeats where the opposition have scored 3 or more.

We’re now on the back of 4 straight defeats, and languishing in the bottom quarter with an away trip to Southampton who have lost only 2 this season.

I understand that Dean Smith is a Villa fan and he’s also a nice guy, I also understand the sentiment that some want him to get us out of this.

So my question….. How much time is appropriate considering all of the above, and please take into consideration that even the worst managers can get the odd victory, so if we get 3 points on Friday does that level the playing field out again? Or do we really expect better from a manager in his 4th season with a £300m spend under his belt who still seems unable to find his favoured formation?

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  • roxammon says:

    10 games into a new season following a major rebuild and with Covid issues and international breaks. Give him until Xmas at least

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