Date: 23rd May 2019 at 1:10pm
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What an absolute class club Hibernian (and their fans) are.

When they lost John McGinn to us, there was no bitterness or anger, they just wished him well and were all over Villa social media telling us what a great player we had bought.

Hibs Fans Wax Lyrical On Departing Player: “The boy has everything. He’s gonna be a superstar.”

Now with the news that John McGinn is up for goal of the season for Sky they tweeted out:

Just great that they are still looking out for and supporting SJM.

You can vote here: Not sure when votes end, the article doesn’t say.

(4 mins 40 seconds in)

Skipper Jack Grealish also features in the votes but as he is on 8% and McGinn 42% it is a shame to split the votes.

Forum thread with a difference… join in, it’s fun (or we all need to get out more!)

A couple of mates and myself were talking about John McGinn in whatsapp. It was a high level chat, we said:

He’s being considered as the Premiership Player of the season despite playing in the Championship.

Next Scottish prime minister surely? Ans: No, he’ll be made President of the USA despite them not allowing foreigners.

He’ll definitely be the first man to land on Mars. Ans: pretty sure he’s already done it, and run all round and came back… on the same day

I’m told the latest is John McGinn is so good, he’s being sent to Europe to sort out Brexit.

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