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Is A Double Season The Solution For Football

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All the talk of completing the season or not is crazy. There is no way that this season can be completed in a normal way and that is a fact.

Writer: DJFrance2

The idea of playing games “behind closed doors” is the proof (if ever it was needed!) that professional football today is totally dictated by money-grabbing people, whether they be in television, league & club management and/or, of course, the players.

These are our clubs, it is our sport and the idea of playing Premier League matches without spectators – just to bring in TV cash – is revolting. I, for one, will not renew my TV subscription to watch my beloved Villa play in an empty Villa Park. Take heed of that – I won’t be alone.

Is A Double Season The Answer?

It's an option

It's an option

No, just void it

No, just void it

Now, in an attempt to be positive (if making the season null and void is not on) and to be fair to all, why not just start next season with the current league positions and matches to be played. No champions, no promotion, no relegation until the end of next season.

In practical terms, it means fitting in the remaining fixtures of this year into next season so we have a double season. Surely that has to be fair to all. Space can be found by cancelling the League Cup and if necessary the next World Cup. Who cares?

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Manchester United beat us to the inaugural Prem title in 1992/93, but what was the score when we travelled to Old Trafford?

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  • Steven Plowman says:

    I actually mentioned this idea on the villa rumours site.
    I think it is an ideal solution.

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