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StaggsAVFC is next for the Vital Villa interview.

StaggsAVFC is next for the Vital Villa interview.


1) When did you become a Villa fan and why?

People ask me this every time I tell them I am a Villa fan, and yet I can never answer. I’ve followed AVFC for around 7 years now and I cannot think of what was the reason that tipped me over the edge to support them. I just sort of.. always followed them in a way. I guess you could almost say I was born with the Villa in my mind but never really tapped into that until around the 2004-05 season.

2) Paul Lambert? Your opinion please?

Absolutely love it! Was my first choice ever since McLeish was sacked, even before then! I just like the way he goes about his business, he seems very team orientated and a firm believing that nobody is above the team which is a trait that I really like to see.

His record speaks for itself and I believe with some better players at each position I believe he’ll really thrive at VP

3) Best and worst moments of last season?

Best Moments – Easily the 3-1 win against Chelsea
Worst Moments – Appointing Alex McLeish is the obvious one here, but i can’t go past Stiliyan Petrov’s announcement of his leukaemia. I distinctly remember yelling various expletives when I first heard the news, in my book its the worst moment of my entire time following AVFC

4) Your opinion of Randy Lerner and the board, can a decent season next season make up for last season?

I believe he’s made some wrong decisions, maybe gone about certain things in the wrong way. But when you look at the sheer amount of money he has put into the club it speaks louder than words. I don’t see how people say he doesn’t care about the club after what he has done.

In your house if you have a specific room you really like and look after, you spend big money to have artwork on walls, the best furniture in the room, or the best paint on the walls. That is sort of what Randy Lerner has done for Aston Villa, he truly does care in my opinion.

5) Which player/s should Villa sign this summer?

Definitely need a new striker partner for Darren Bent that is for sure, as for who I am not so sure, maybe one to excite the fans? Jordan Rhodes would be great for the fans to see, just definitely not Grant Holt, despite his record I just dont see him maintaining that for long enough to warranty his purchase.

A playmaker in the middle of the park is also needed, we have one in Stephen Ireland, but I fear he is just wasted potential unless Lambert can really harness his skills he showed everyone at Manchester City what seems like such a long time ago!

A lock in the middle of the park, we don’t need to go purchase this one cos we already have one in Jean Makoun. I highly rate this lad and I was disappointed to see him go out on loan. But hopefully under Paul Lambert he gets a second chance to prove himself at this level.

An entire new defense! We need an upgrade at the back that is for sure, if our back 4 was a little bit tighter Shay Given wouldn’t have needed to pull off all those miraculous saves to keep us up. I really like the link to Kyle Naughton, i would love to see him suit up for Villa as I highly rate him at RB and believe he isnt a defensive liability like Hutton has been historically, without bashing Hutton too much i do like the way he gets forward however!

6) Which player/s should Villa get rid of this summer?

Probably at least one of the starting CBs to make way for Ciaran Clark. It would most likely be Richard Dunne i think which is a shame because I’ve linked his time at Villa.

Definitely need an upgrade at full back in my opinion. Since I’ve followed the Villa we’ve always struggled in this area, Luke Young was one of my favourite players but he was constantly played out of position due to Nicky Shorey not being good enough, when Warnock came in I was very excited but now i believe he is a liability and makes far to many mistakes.

Fabian Delph is another one I like due to potential but I just think he’s fallen behind the likes of Gardner, Bannan, Herd now and we may as well make some money off of him.

7) Favourite current player?

Stiliyan Petrov – Love the way he goes about his business, scored some cracking goals for Aston Villa and has been a great leader. So devastated to hear about his leukemia news and I sincerely hope that we haven’t seen the last of him in an Aston Villa shirt.

Darren Bent – say what you like about the man but I just love that every time a half decent ball in thrown into the box he is a chance to score, that is a very rare and sought after trait in a striker, we would be foolish to sell him in my opinion.

8) Favourite all time player/s?

Stiliyan Petrov
Martin Laursen
Olof Mellberg
Dion Dublin
Dwight Yorke
Thomas Hitzlsperger
Luke Young
Juan Pablo Angel
Peter Withe (Before my time but I mean, How can you not love the man!)

9) What do you expect us to do/finish this season assuming a decent transfer window with £25m or so spent?

Premier: 9th – 13th – I’d be very happy with a mid table finish after last season
FA Cup: Semi Final
Carling: Semi Final – so hard to predict so I’ve put them both the same, I’d like to see a deep cup run, if we are going to finish mid table a nice cup run to get the fans buzzing will be a great start for Lambert. I don’t mind which cup the run comes in but obviously you’d prefer the FA Cup.

10) You can ask yourself any question you want to about Villa and what is your answer?

Q: Can Aston Villa get back to fighting for Champions League places in the next 3-5 years.

A: Yes, under the leadership of Paul Lambert and the financial backing of Randy Lerner I do believe we can get back and fight amongst the big boys of the league.

11) Just to change the theme slightly, a snap shot of you outside of football, answer or ignore at your leisure:
(based on our WHO ARE YOU thread!!!)

a) Which celebrity/s would you most like to meet and why? LeBron James. I just want to know how the most scrutinised professional athlete in the world functions despite all the jokes and jeers about his fourth quarter fade outs.

b) Age 19

c) Location: South Australia, Australia

d) Favourite alcoholic drink: Jim Beam + Coke

e) Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Coke, orange juice

f) Favourite Film/s: Remember the Titans and Anchorman

g) Favourite TV Show/s: The Amazing Race, Scrubs, Survivor

h) Music?: fav band probably Nirvana or Foo Fighters

i) Best ever moment in your life: Can’t think on the spot hahaha

j) Ambitions: Not really sure!

k) Wise words: ‘Hard work beats Talent, when talent doesn’t work hard’

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