Date: 5th June 2018 at 7:30am
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The internet, well the Aston Villa side of the internet including the good ship Vital Villa went into a semi-meltdown with news breaking (can you call speculated and unsourced guff news?) of Dr Tony Xia potentially selling up after we failed to make it back to the Premier League last season.

JF covered the initial release so I won’t overly repeat as no doubt everyone is aware of the claim and the ‘source’ in this case.

Aston Villa Owner Looking To Bail? What Vital Villa Knows About The Takeover Talk… (It’s Next To Nowt)

Vital Lion was the second to pen a piece and he focused on the general reaction of fans to the ‘news’. Namely, it came from the Current Bun and as they lean on football speculation and ‘sauces’ in the staff canteen, well bizarrely they are even more unreliable than President Trump when it comes to accuracy and facts.

‘Don’t Believe It’ ‘Spreading More Rubbish’ – Fans Not Having Reports Of Possible Villa Takeover

Whilst many fans simply dismissed the speculation outright, others did show a little more concern and wondered if it was a case of ‘no smoke without fire’ owing to Xia going quieter on social media and the fact that there hadn’t been an almost instant rebuke of the report as can be seen in the above piece.

There is a tweet doing the rounds at the moment and it’s easy to see why some fans have taken it to relate to this claim.

On face value, it certainly ticks the boxes that most fans wanted and expected to hear and gives the impression of a long-term commitment and one that hasn’t been diminished by recent disappointment. Others would point out you can read ‘the long-term mission’ wouldn’t change but the owner could, the mission for all owners would be similar after-all, and Xia could decide to help ‘achieve’ that fight by stepping aside and continuing his support from afar.

I read it both ways to be fair, says so much without saying much of real note but that’s actually irrelevant. The telling point though is it’s from last summer and some have missed that in their clamour for information.

Hopefully, all fans will get some clarity over the coming weeks but until then it’s very much a case of tin foil hats at the ready for the rumours, speculation and behind the scenes conspiracies that the media and others will lay at our door. Whether that clarity comes from Twitter or Keith Wyness directly, it would certainly be welcomed if it helps cut through the guff and answers the outstanding questions.

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